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We can tailor our service to provide your child(s) with the best environment to be able to grow and succeed.

Please note when booking dates they are not guaranteed until confirmation:

Ensure correct staffing levels and age groups, allowing your child(s) will receive the best possible care.

Cost Per Session

Care Levels

 Important Notice:

 1 Adult to 3 Children for whole of session.

e.g. child can manage tolieting and own lunchbox

 Due to the new direction we are heading in all prices, are reserved until the a full assessment has been completed.

Thank you for you corporation on this matter. 

 1 Adult to 2 Children with

1:1 support for 1.5hrs of the session.

e.g. child need support with tolieting and/or lunch

 1 Adult to 1 Child for whole of session

e.g. child needs full support with all activities.

Bespoke packages tailored for medical and complex behavioural needs, based on managers discretion and assessment.

Please call Jo to arrange an assessment.



2020 Dates

All sessions 9.30am to 



Sept 12th, 26th,

Oct 10th, 24th,

Nov 7th, 21st,

Dec 5th

Holiday days:



2021 Dates

All sessions 9.30am to 



Jan 9th, 23rd,

Feb 6th, 20th,

Mar 6th, 20th

Holiday days:


Spring 2020 Dates

April Saturdays: 4th, 8th

May Saturdays: 2nd, 16th, 30th

June Saturdays: 13th, 27th

July Saturdays: 11th

April Easter holidays:

Tues 7th, 14th

Wed 8th, 15th

Thurs 9th, 16th 

May half term:

Tues 26th,

Wed 27th,

Thurs 28th


2020 Dates 


July 21st 28th

August 4th,11th,17th,25th


July 22nd, 29th

August 5th,12th,19th,26th


July 23rd,30th 

August 6th,13th,20th,27th

Please Remember

Please remember to send with your child on project days:

  • Lunchboxes - we don't provide lunch for children
  • Spare Clothing - we often will experience harsh weather and end up in the mud or wet, so please ensure your child has a spare change of clothes.
  • Waterproof (Jacket & Trousers) AND Wellies - we require ALL CHILDREN come with theses, if clothing isn't provided your child will not experience all the activities.
  • Nappies & Baby wipes - if your child needs changing, please ensure we have the correct nappies and baby wipes for your child.
  • Medication - if your child needs medication, please ensure we have 
    • a) update and correct medical form (jo will provide)
    • b) correct medication clearly labelled by pharmacy. 

Please go to Contact Page for more Info.